2 hours
Minimum 6 years of age
1. May to 1. October
Minimum 5 participants

Black Beach Bird Tour

Join us on a two hour Iceland Bird Tour on a RIB boat. Where we sail along the beautiful volcanic black beach in Þorlákshöfn all the way to Krýsuvíkurbjarg where birds rule the world.
A fantastic ride on a RIB speed boat where we combine nature, ocean, bird watching and adrenaline kicks.

The boat sails along the volcanic black beach and the guide will inform you about the nature and history of specific stops we take along the route. We all the way to Krýsuvíkurbjarg where you will see so many birds that you will never be able to count them.

We will among others

  • Sail along the black volcanic beach
  • Ride by the bay Selvogur and the lighthouse Selvogsviti
  • Sail all the way to the bird paradise Krýsuvíkurbjarg
  • See an old shipwreck
  • Visit Herdísarvík where the Icelandic poet Einar Ben lived
  • See the famous church Strandarkirkja
  • See various types of seabirds and
  • even see whales and seals


  • Two hours but you need to arrive 30 minutes before your ride in order to get the gear you need and go through safety issues

Passenger requirements

  • Eight passengers per trip, in case we do not reach the minimum passenger requirements we might need to reschedule your trip
  • Passengers need to be older than five years old
  • We do not sail with people with back problems or pregnant ladies
  • Maximum passengers per boat are 12 but we have two boats so your group can be 24 in total


  • Every passenger gets a float suit and life jackets


  • Every day at 10 am (except there are no trips on Sundays)
  • We sail from the 1st of May to the 1st of October
    • Note if you want to book a trip in October please contact us and we will try to sail but it all depends on the weather and sea conditions in October.


  • 16900 ISK per adults
  • 8900 ISK per children younger than 12